Friday, February 6, 2015

Picking Up

There is no sense to be made and no blame to be laid for one who chose to leave.
Shocked and stunned, you stumble along too confused to bereave.
You're left searching clues like yesterday's news, it's done.
They went away and you're here to today to see the sun.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

You say you want a revolution?

Uranus went retrograde on July 22nd. It will remain retrograde in Aries until Dec 22nd. Uranus is the planet that brings upheaval and revolution. Uranus shocks us out of complacency.
We have already seen this with the Ice Bucket Challenge. That sudden shock of cold water wakes us to hopefully do good.
We have seen it in Ferguson. Yes, there were all sorts of negative reports, but I am seeing folks coming together against that negativity and wanting to make genuinely good changes.
We have seen it with the shocking death of Robin Williams. One blogger likened his death to the death of JFK. Years from now we will still be talking about how it impacted us. His death has brought much needed awareness to depression, suicide, and even cyber trolls/bullying. The latter causing Twitter to re-examine its policies.
Aries is the boy scout, the hero, the knight in shining armor. Aries just wants to make everything right. Aries lacks finesse at times and the need to do right is wrapped tightly up in Aries' ego. It's is a *need* to do right more than a *want* to do right. Aries also has a tendency to get wrapped up in his ego. We see this coming out in the bias everyone has on the three issues I mentioned above. These upheavals are hitting us in our egos.
We must understand this and take it into account. Own your feelings but do not project them onto others. We all are experiencing and dealing with these upheavals in our own ways. I like to focus on the Aries overwhelming drive to do the right thing. That is what I hope prevails.
OH! Geeze, I forgot to mention the first indictment of a sitting State Governor in about 100 years. Oops! That will prove entertaining to say the least. Again, I hope the drive to do the right thing prevails now and through the elections up until the Solstice.
Hang on babies! The revolution(s) are here. Keep the faith, as LR says. Keep surfing through the changes is what I say. Uranus casts choppy waves and if you catch the right one, you'll be riding high! Weather through the lows, believe me... THINGS ARE GOING TO CHANGE!|
(c) Pamela McAfee 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Sad Gay Bar

This is the "Gay Bar," we say in hushed tones.
It's on the other side of the tracks, everybody knows.
The parking lot is filled with broken bottles
A dangerous sparkle for a lot so mottled
Country music leaks out the cracks of the walls
Redneck homos?  Yeah, it's Wichita Falls!
Crossing the veil we exit the night.
Immersed in stale smoke and not enough light.
I shuffle in across the sticky floor. 
Regulars' heads lift towards the door.
It has been years since anyone cares.
Down turned faces and blank eyed stares
The melancholy presses me down on a stool.
But I won't stay long, I won't be fooled
You'll find there is no fairy wishing star
Only loneliness in the sad gay bar.



Bittersweet Incomplete, 
I am tortured. 
The aching longing saturates my every fiber. 
Delicious misery intoxicates. 
Because to hurt like this means
I know bliss.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Matter of Elimination

Please check the toilet in the bathroom
Make sure it isn't running.
For it has tried to escape twice
A fixture filled with cunning.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Moon over a window with breezy detachment (A Vogon love poem)

I recall your face pressed against the glass
Then it was gone, replaced by ass.
Round and white, a work of art.
Would have been perfect, except for the fart.
Glimmering, tumbling, went the pane.
Sound of a glass breaking refrain
in chorus with a baritone like Richard Burtons
Fluttered in the wind with gauzy curtains.
Lo, tonight's the winter of our discontent
And the moon over a window with breezy detachment

Friday, April 18, 2014

Crazy Cat Lady

Cats are fickle lovers
Attack your feet under covers
Purr and rub you with their face
Then runaway to find some space
Lonely lady who has been spurned
Finds love's not given but must be earned.
She rejects man's best friend,
for his love one day will end.